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You deserve to not have to rely on inspiration ever again & have a workflow that works with your lifestyle

Together, we’ll build a sustainable & scalable process. You’ll be able to master showing up online consistently in a way that works for your goals & lifestyle. At the end of our two calls, you'll know exactly how to plan ahead without sacrificing authenticity.


Unlock all of these

🥂Call #1: Social Media Profile Audit + Setting Clear Expectations for Work

🥂Call #2: Step-by-Step Guide Into Your Custom Content Creation Workflow + Custom Trello Workspace Setup

🥂PDF Booklet Recap (Doubles as Company Training Material)

🥂48 Hours Direct Q&A Access After Our Last Call

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Phase 1: Goals & Audits

  • We talk about your goals and your business. We want to understand what you’re about to help you clarify your social presence and build a plan.

  • Then we will audit your social presence based on what we discuss so you know exactly what needs tweaking.

  • Lastly, we set honest expectations for a great starting point where you should focus first. From there, you can easily scale to add more content and more platforms whenever you want minus the fear factor.

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Phase 2: Behind The Scenes

After our first call, we work our behind-the-scenes magic to build your content distribution and workflow process. You’ll know exactly how to organize your ideas, how to show up on social media, and how to repurpose content so you never rely on inspiration again.

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Phase 3: Workflow Setup

  • First, we recap what we discussed from our last call

  • Secondly, we walk you through the workflow we created for you and how to use it.

  • Third, we show you the ways you can eventually scale by adding more content and more platforms.

  • Lastly, we get you set up on Trello with your content creation workspace so you can have an overview your goals, marketing, and content.


you can’t afford to miss out

  • nip bad habits in the bud & know exactly how to create & distribute content

  • make better content faster, this means more time to get more happy clients!

  • easily scale your social presence without overthinking it and getting confused

  • be a visionary & have the tools to train your current or future team with your recap


maybe you’re wondering….

What happens after I pay?

Once you’ve purchased your spot, you’ll receive a link to book your first call with us on Zoom!


How long is each call?

Each call is about an hour long. In total, you will be receiving up to 2.5 hours of total call-time with us to go over everything you need to get set up. You’re also getting a PDF with your illustrated workflow. This can be used in-house to educate current and future staff on how your content process works and how everything is distributed.

I'm not sure I can handle this...

That’s exactly why we created the content creation workflow bundle. We will make sure to grasp exactly where you stand so we can create a comfortable starting point. After our calls, you will be able to confidently up the intensity and show up online wherever you want. You’re already amazing, we’re just handing you the tools to sculpt a masterpiece online.

Besides the calls, what else is included?

Besides having up to 2.5 hours of total call time, you’re also getting:

  1. PDF Recap - contains notes for all the changes you need to make on your social presence, your workflow plan, ways to scale, and it can even be used as training material for current and new hires.

  2. Trello Walkthrough & Setup - On our last call, we will hold your hand through the process of setting up an organized content creation workspace. Here, you’ll have a clear overview of your to-do list, priorities, collaborations, and content so you can make sure all you do makes sense.

  3. 48 Hours Q&A Access - After you receive the PDF recap at the end of our second call, you’ll have 48 hours of direct email access to ask us anything. We doubt you’ll have unanswered questions because we’re sooo thorough but if you do, have peace of mind knowing we are here for you if a question comes up during those 48-hours after.


we know we can give you the tools you need to kick more ass but don’t listen to us, here’s what our clients are saying…

The Content Creation Workflow Bundle


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