Kinship Content Agency

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We came across Kinship Content a year before we began working with them and knew they’d be a dream client of ours.

Kinship Content is a boutique social media and visual branding agency. They wanted to rely less on content curation and have their own templates for recurring content themes. Creating a consistent, polished, and on-brand look for their Instagram content that could be maintained in-house was their goal.


so the work began!

We began with a discovery call to assess our starting points for the direction of the content. The goal was to not just create content that looks great but also encourages people to engage and feels personal. In order to decide what would make sense as far as graphics designed, we listened to Kinship’s goals to identify opportunities for them to generate awareness on social media.

We took note on their personality to make sure it would shine through in every piece. To eliminate the fear of always having the same look, we also created custom library for them in Adobe where they could easily access drag-and-drop custom-designed stickers to overlay on their templates.


They loved their solutions!

Lizzie LaCour, the founder of Kinship Content, was so happy with the agency’s. Now, anyone in-house could easily utilize them. They can share content on Instagram that isn’t just beautiful & engaging but is also theirs 100%.

There isn't necessarily anything wrong with curating content or using free apps, but hiring someone to create your own style makes you memorable in an ocean of content that tends to look the same. Stand out.

The Work