4 Types of Content Themes & How To Measure Them

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You've been putting out crazy value but when the time comes to promote yourself you freeze. You know that post will get barely any engagement when compared to others. But does that really mean it didn’t succeed?

Not all posts are created equally therefore not all of them can be measured in the same way. I know if I post a "10 Fun Facts About Me" post will get lots of engagement in the form of likes & comments. But if I make a post promoting a new offer, I'll get barely any likes or comments and instead I'll have more DMs or bio link clicks.

With that said, let’s dive right into 4 popular types of content themes you can create around and how their success is best measured.

Engagement Oriented

These posts are geared towards growth due to the shareable and their, sometimes, viral performance. They can include things such as strong industry opinions, trending conversation topics, or sharing material you’re aware gets you action. Engagement posts are best measured by vanity metrics such as likes, comments, follows, and additional reach from landing on the explore page.

Educational Value

Educational posts help further establish you as an authority in your zone of genius. This kind of content can include tutorials, quick tips, articles, informative podcasts, online trainings, live Q&A, and video content. Success is best measured by the amount of saves on a post if on Instagram, shares, and DMs received.

Brand Building

Your personality, story, values, and emotions live under the brand building content umbrella. These posts help express how you want to be seen and allow your audience to connect with you on a deeper, more memorable level. These posts can be measured by the quality, rather than the quantity, of comments and DMs received.

Sales Focused

Sales posts promote a launch, shed light on industry objections, or pitch something. They are aimed towards monetization. These posts will rarely ever get more engagement in comparison to other types of content. But don’t be discouraged, that’s not their purpose. Success of these posts, in combination with other factors of your marketing, is best measured by new leads or actual sales generated.

Bookmark this post for later whenever you go plan the next batch of content. Let it remind you how to gauge performance because likes and comments aren't the only way measure of content success.