Tutorial: How To Talk About Yourself on Social Media

Nobody who follows me on social media is allowed to say they have nothing to talk about when it comes to themselves or ::gasp:: say they’re boring. At least not after watching this video. I can assure you, you’ll put together some new angles you can talk about yourself through the points I share in this video.

You don’t need a massive inflatable swan in a luxurious pool to be interesting. Knowing yourself and sharing about it in easy-to-consume social media content is where the magical human connection happens. “Oh girl, you find some strange pleasure in pimple popping? Me too!” Ok, maybe you don’t have to get that TMI but us humans can bond over the most simple things. All it takes is knowing how to change your perspective so you can begin uncovering your own magic.


ready to put in the work?

Watch the full IGTV video and submit your answers in the comments.