Do You Need to Worry About Having a Perfect Instagram Grid?

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You’re scrolling on Instagram and come across that account with the gorgeous grid. It’s so pretty. “How could you even come close to THAT” you might think to yourself.

Look, friend, social media is hard work.

But most people tend to overcomplicate themselves with superficial details that have no real impact on your business.

  • They dwell on whether they should use mauve pink versus blush pink as if their profitability depended on it as a 2-month old business

  • They avoid the camera or erase every record of their face and voice because they think they look stupid so instead they post a stock photo or repost someone else stuff

  • They try to make the Instagram equivalent of the Sistine Chapel on their grid as if every square is key to a complete masterpiece (yet you click on one of the squares and it’s a close up of some models armpit)

Look, visuals are important but that’s the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Visuals make thumbs stop scrolling

  2. The caption (or video content) is the substance that sparks a deeper level of curiosity.

When you’re getting your foot in the door, substance-rich content that’s consistently delivered in a simple, clear, and polished manner is what matters. This is what takes someone from uninvolved stranger, curious human, educated follower, and then client. Problem is, most people get stuck because they’re afraid of imperfect action.

You’re supposed to suck at first. You should see my work from Day 1 of my education and career. It was horrendous but I learned how to be better by putting out ugly shit and improving upon it. The improvement never stops and expecting yourself to go in as a master from day 1 is delusional.

I don’t believe in pretty grids. At least not pretty grids whose only positive quality is the aesthetic. I mean, can you tell me the last time you saw a some random picture of a well-photographed pineapple and felt so connected to the you became a die-hard fan?

I believe in understanding how to better communicate ideas with other people through the combination of visuals, storytelling, and strategy. It’s a balance that oftentimes people live too much on one side versus the other or, even worse, they never get started due to fear.

I get it, putting meaning into your content and showing the face(s) of your brand can be intimidating. But if you want to learn how to really make an impact you just have to dive into this uncharted territory and integrate yourself more into your online community to understand what they respond to.