5 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid As A Heart-Centered Brand

So you want to get that money? I feel you but are you coming off as desperate and inauthentic in your content?


Part of becoming an expert in what you do is not always going by the “textbook” and running some experiments of your own.

:::cue the mad scientist face:::

So let me save you the trouble and embarrassment of making some of these mistakes. Chances are, you might be guilty of at least one these 5 main things I see brands do that’s totally killing their page and reputation.

1. Using Bots & Buying Your Followers + Engagement

I can never stress this enough. Not only is it going to get your account banned/hidden but we all know you’re cheating. It’s not that hard to realize there’s something off when your page has 10,000 followers yet your posts get 2 comments or get 100+ that say “nice feed” or “👍”. There are no shortcuts around building a loyal following. Falsely inflating your numbers won’t generate more sales. What will generate sales is investing time and effort into being valuable, interesting, and relatable to your audience.

People don’t go on social media to read ads, they go for entertainment. So capture their attention first and give them a reason to stay.

2. Never Giving Back Love To Get Some Back

Why should people interact with you if you never interact with them? 99% of the time, people & brands that think they’ve been shadow banned it just confused why nobody is interacting just need to go and be more social on social media. So build new relationships and nurture the ones you have consistently. The algorithm loves that sh*t.

It’s not about just posting great content. The days of being discovered solely because of that are over. This is why I’ve created my signature manual engagement method™ to focus on community building. Because through the creation of genuine & consistent interactions you’ll see your page come into fruition. It just takes some time, strategy, and patience to find your perfect formula.

3. Automating Your DMs To Send Your Latest Offer

How gross do you feel when you follow someone and immediately you get that generic auto-DM telling you to buy something? Nobody likes feeling like they’re being viewed as nothing more than a dollar sign. Instead of making your followers feel like numbers, go build relationships. If you develop a solid community, they will welcome and purchase your offers.

You might reach more people like this but its tarnishing your brand image more than it’s creating actual positive brand awareness around your brand & offers. So sometimes, less is more. Make the people you do personally reach out to feel seen, appreciated, and welcome kind of like “mi casa es tu casa”. At the end of the day, social media is about grabbing attention and then cultivating meaningful relationships once you’ve gotten their interest.

4. Your Biz Has No Invitation To Get People To Interact On/Offline 

Whether you’re a brick & mortar shop,  e-commerce sites, or a personal brand — where’s that call-to-action at? This is not the place to “hint, hint”. If you want people to comment & click a link OR take a picture and tag you from your store you need to tell them. Become the creator of opportunities & incentives for people to engage with you both on/offline.

So make sure that your bio section is ultra-clear with who your brand is and what you offer as well as you captions providing one clear CTA to inspire action.

5. Having No Plan To Turn Followers Into Customers 

Are you telling people about what you do and telling them what to do? If not, you can’t expect them to just figure it out or google you. The truth is, people are lazy — that’s why we have Amazon Prime. So save them the guesswork and be direct by telling them what to do and make it easy as pie to get there. 

👇Which of these did you find the most helpful — 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?👇