3 Steps To Create a Basic Brand Identity

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It’s time to start building your brand identity. What does that mean? It’s essentially the look & feel of your brand. Elements such as how you write copy to the font you choose are all part of a brand’s look.

In today’s IGTV episode & blog combo, I go over the basic items to build a strong foundation as easy as pie! To get started, you essentially need to know who is your brand, what is their desired look, and applying this to your on/offline presence(s).

Catch the IGTV video in the button below and follow the steps below. Also, don’t miss the surprise at the end of this article.

Step 1: Set The Tone

Most people tend to skip this part and go straight to step 2. Don’t be most people. This part is extremely important because it’s the soul of your brand, it’s you! So ask yourself some key questions to help define your personal brand.

  1. What’s your life story? Are there any experiences that stand out that have shaped you?

  2. What kind of values do you embody in life that you want conveyed on your page?

  3. Why do you want to start your brand? Is there a particular reason or story behind why it’s important that you can share?

Start digging deep to understand yourself, your audience, and how you want to portray everything online.

Step 2: Define Colors, Filters, & Fonts

Usually, people have a difficult time with their colors and photography for two main reasons. The first one is you might not be considering the colors of your surroundings. If you live in an area with a ton of cool tones, opting for a tropical color aesthetic won’t work or else you’ll be editing the colors & lighting in your images like crazy to make it work. Second thing, you have a shitty phone or just have no idea how to shoot a photo. Yikes, sorry but it had to be said! You don’t need a fancy camera but do get a smartphone with a badass camera and learn how use it. When possible, investing in a photographer is a great option!

Take a look at where you will be spending most of your time. You can even take your clothing into consideration – do you have colors or prints you are obsessed with that can be tied into your theme? Pick 1 to 3 colors to start with that make sense for your surroundings & look. You should also become familiar with photo editing apps. Find one that you really enjoy and master it. You’ll want to have 1 to 2 go-to filters (or editing style) to help style your images to fit your grid.

Get some inspiration from my color palette Pinterest board

As for fonts, aim for 1 to 3 fonts at most. I suggest 1 to 2 fonts for starters. You want to aim for a font that’s easy to read, avoid pretty but hard-to-read fonts. If you go for a single font, you can change the sizing and boldness of it to differentiate a header or title text from the body text of your blog or email copy. Same thing goes for when you have more than 1 font. Make one your heading or title font and the other can be your paragraph body font. This is called creating text hierarchy, newspapers are a great example of this.

Step 3: Tying It All Together

Now, with everything you’ve decided on from your tone to your colors & fonts, you can tie it all together. Look at your profile picture, highlights, website, email newsletters, and any other places you have a presence on on/offline. By making a change as simple as consistent colors, fonts, and voice you have a much more cohesive social presence.

By the way, don’t let aesthetics stop you from documenting or creating. Although this guide is very helpful for putting a basic brand look together, I firmly believe in not dwelling on these details at first. At the very least, make sure you’re sharing consistently and with high-res visuals. Little by little, you can begin applying the look of your brand. You got this!


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