The One Question You Need to Ask Yourself to Stay Productive Outside of Your Comfort Zone


If I asked you how you REALLY feel regarding whether you’re doing everything you can to make your goals happen what would you say?

I’m curious now, because this question has triggered so many important revelations for me. Was there something that immediately popped into your head?

Fun fact, ok more like embarrassing fact, I used to feel attacked when I was asked this. I convinced myself I was doing it all and I REALLY couldn’t do more like talk to more people because I’m an introvert. But I eventually realized that my reaction was a protective mechanism that wanted to shield me from the realization that I had to do more scary things, fail, learn, and eventually successfully figure it out.

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Honestly speaking, I still get anxious. I have two client calls today and I feel a bit nervous. But I’m doing it.

Sometimes we think we’re doing it all. Hey, maybe what you’re doing now was once a challenge for you. But you’ve mastered it and once again reached a comfortable space that was once a zone of discomfort.

First off, high five you fucking badbass! Seriously, I have massive respect for people who take initiative and challenge themselves.

Secondly, I also know that sometimes we need a friendly little outside voice to help us check in.

Personally, this happens to me often where I wonder if I’m doing all I can or just getting better at making excuses. I’m a terrible liar, I fucking hate lying, and I’m only good at lying to myself. Hahaha please tell me I’m not the only one who has this thought? So today, I want to be that friendly voice for you and ask you...

What can you do now that you’re not doing because of fear, prior lack of self-awareness, or procrastination?

Our brains have a funny way of wanting us to stay in a safe place to avoid being hurt or failing. The thing is, the safe place is an average place.

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Average is not me and it’s not you either.

I want you, scratch that...I dare you to write down all the things you know deep down you need to be doing. Jot them down on paper, type them on a google doc, leave them in a voice memo, or tattoo them to your butt check. I don’t care, just give them a place to be seen by you and pick one to conquer this month. And if you’re really feeling ballsy…Make an Instagram story or post about this thing you’re going to conquer and tag me.

I’ll share it to make sure there’s more eyeballs watching you to make sure you stick to it.If you’re weird like me and love the pressure, do it. Lol

By the way, my scary thing is podcasting. I’m buying a mic, designing my podcast cover, promo templates, and pre-recording episodes, and setting a deadline of launching by mid-September for myself to make it happen. Feel free to hold me to it too!

Talk soon!