4 Steps To Make Your Company's Content Creation Process Less Frustrating

People always talk about how content is king. So you keep putting out content on the daily but, truthfully speaking, you're starting to feel like you're doing all this for nothing.

We know how crazy it feels to be in your position, whether you're a one-person team or just started growing your team.

You can hire a massive team but every team, no matter the size, needs to use systems. Systems keep the workflow organized and the team on the same page. It'll boost productivity and consistent quality work while reducing your content creation frustration. You're not wasting your time with content creation but the efforts invested during this time slot could be distributed more effectively.

Now, I want to introduce you to how we create content once we've completed the market research phase to understand your dream audience’s core desires.

Infographic A - Checklist.png

1. Set Time Aside AT LEAST a Month In Advance To Map Out Goals

This step sets the foundation to stop guessing if your content is in alignment with your objectives. Note, this is not a replacement for a proper marketing plan. Examples of goals you could map out for the week could be things such as:

  • growing your email list through a new digital download

  • getting more DMs from making your content better

  • generating more sales originating from social media leads

While social media in itself is capable of driving sales, if you aren’t consistently selling (yet) focus more on what you’re putting out there that’s genuinely meant to provide value. When you make every post about “me, me, me” and “sell, sell, sell” it can be a turn off when you don’t have the credibility to ask so much of your soon-to-be fans.

2. Review your analytics on web + social platforms to locate top performing topics. Make a list of topics for your top performers.

In this step, we demystify the whole confusion around what to continue posting about. Don't be foolish and tell yourself you're just not savvy with these things or some other horse crap. Learning takes time so be patient. For example, on your Instagram account you can check your business insights and sort them by engagement to track down what your top posts talked about.

Besides uncovering what your popular topics are, this is also a great way to pinpoint visual trends. Are there certain photography angles or colors that consistently seem to rank in your top performing content?

Keep a document to keep track of these things. We like to organize ours in three buckets:

  1. New trending topics

  2. Topics That Usually Perform Well

  3. Trending Topics To Test Digging Deeper Into

3. Write and/or shoot the content a week in advance (or more if possible)

This is our favorite part. Oftentimes people get burnt out because they think every single post needs to be on a different topic. Truth is, repeating topics is not just ok - it's recommended. Think about it, not every single follower is seeing your posts. Plus, you're gaining and losing followers every week. So repeating yourself is fine. But if you’re ready to dig into new angles from your top performing recurring topics, you’ll want to move into step #4 now.

4. Dig deeper into the top performers to create more complex pieces

You know #3 on our list before talking about trending topics to dig deeper into? Not only should you repeat topics that resonate with your audience but you can also base new posts or more complex content, such as blogs, from these.

What we mean here is, you can dig deeper into a subject people like. So if our followers really loved an Instagram photo post we make on content creation then perhaps we make a follow-up IGTV video talking about other specifics on content creation. And if that IGTV does well then we write a blog digging deeper into the parts of the video that resonated the most with our audience.

With data on your side, you'll better invest your time when you do decide to create more time-consuming content like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, or IGTV videos.

We really hope you found this article helpful, seriously. Everything we make is made with so much love and hope to guide fellow ambitious souls into a smoother workflow and brand style that feels true to you. For those of you who feel you might need some additional guidance, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re just getting started or not profitable enough, we suggest talking to us about our 90-minute consulting & planning session where we help you toss aside what doesn’t really matter and lay out a workflow that makes sense and works for you. Talk soon!