How To Build Better Instagram Stories

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You’re doing the damn thing alright. But you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. Today’s lesson is short and simple.

Imagine every time you start shooting your stories for the day you’re creating priorities. The more stories you place, the lesser weight they might carry. Why? The longer your stories, the more people will drop off. This is not so you shoot less stories. In fact, this is so you learn how to better place strategic components of your story.

Every day is a new story to tell and you get to decide what’s the first chapter. Lead with whatever the main focus is you want people to be aware about. So if you’re launching a new line of CBD products, for example, some stories you could lead with are:

  • Tell a story discussing common pain points and leading into your solution
    EX: Maybe you suffer from anxiety, it limits your daily functionality, and then you talk about how CBD has improved your lifestyle.

  • Promote a free incentive that funnels people into your new service
    EX: This could be a support community on FB, a worksheet to gauge your progress since starting to take CBD, or anything else that could be of value and somehow connected to the end goal

  • Just straight up pitch it
    EX: Announce your CBD line is up, how people will feel by using it, share social proof (testimonials), and let them know where to go buy it.

Your stories are like a TV show. The first part sets the mood and focus. Then comes the commercial breaks (you showing elements of your brand or lifestyle), and then back to the main show. You’ve probably been shooting all the right stories. Now all you have to do is improve the sequence of them.