Before You Get a Logo, Focus On This

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If you're a brand new, or barely profitable, business owner yet think you need a logo to start building brand, your focus is in a wrong & expensive place.

Think about your favorite people and brands. Why do you like them and what do you feel makes them memorable to you? This probably brings up a blend of emotions, values, personality, and visuals that you associate with that brand. All of these things speak to you on a highly personal level.

You see, most people start their businesses thinking they need the whole visual branding package to have a shot at being heard. But in reality, a brand is much deeper than how the visual aesthetic packages it up.

You are your brand, your brand is a reflection of you and the people that make it up.This means you need to think about your voice, values, and visuals as in how does your brand's personality sound? What emotions and values do you want to convey? How does your brand look?

Getting proper visual branding work is a large investment I recommend for people who have already solidified who their brand is and are highly profitable. For total newcomers - don't overcomplicate yourself. Focus on confidently owning up to who your brand actually is, nailing your messaging, and creating a memorable emotional + visual experience.

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