The Content Creation Mistake Most Brand's Make & How To Fix It


So you think you want one of those pretty grids that look like one big picture or some sort of puzzle. Excuse me while I go slam my head against a wall.

Ok, I’m back.

Yes, aesthetic IS important when creating social media content. You want people to stop scrolling when there’s millions of posts published every single day. But what happens after the person stops scrolling? You get a few likes but zero actual fucks given all for the sake of a pretty grid. If I come off as frustrated as I type this article it’s because I am. This is one of the main things I saw hurt brands in my career as a social media director.

Unless you’re an actual artist, your content is not supposed to be art. It’s about understanding human beings along with some marketing & design principles. Unlike art, design for social media needs to make sense and be in alignment with your marketing goals. If it doesn’t serve a function other than look pretty then it’s a useless failure plain & simple. Alrighty, now here’s what you need to do.

  1. Document or Create for Impact, Value, and/or Entertainment First

• What makes your dream client stop & listen?

• What frustrates the crap out of them?

• Do they have any specific desires?

• Have you run proper research to get these answers?

These are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you can even get to the aesthetics. In order to produce content that people actually look forward to and set alerts for, you need to become a better listener. Most people have a tendency of sharing what they assume people want without ever actually diving into conversations with these people. You can’t expect conversions with content based on assumptions.

2. Then Package Up The Delivery of Your Content in a Logical & Visually Pleasing Way

Ok sweet! You’ve passed the research stage and put together some great points you can serve your audience with. Remember, it’s about them and not you. Now you can focus on the best way to package up the aesthetics of how you’ll deliver this content from the editing to the copywriting portion of it. Where most people go wrong is inverting these steps and going for aesthetic first and then what they’re going to say.

Run a simple google search on color psychology. Do the colors you have in mind actually align with the brand values you want to convey?

Get a Canva account or whatever feels natural to you and a photo editing app. I personally love Adobe Lightroom and purchase custom presets for filters.

If your business is crazy busy, stop doing it yourself. Time to level up, free up time to reinvest your energy, and hire someone.

Remember, your content means nothing if it doesn’t inspire the dream clients you want to take the actions you desire. Most business owners who have worked with the wrong people or agencies have lost faith in social media. But that’s because they tend to measure the wrong metrics, expect sales from someone finding your post and trusting you enough to buy right away, or they worked with a person or company who wasn’t honest. If you want conversions from social media, we need to be more patient and really put ourselves in the shoes of our ideal audience.

The social landscape is for givers. It’s for people who actually care about being social and delivering so much goodness through their content that they not only create customers but fans. You see, It’s not about having the most beautiful post, it’s about effectively getting people to stop scrolling, become a fan, keep coming back, and eventually become your loyal ecstatic client.