How To Make Yourself Interesting On Social Media

You could summarize the last two years of my life as just a girl surviving roommates and trying to succeed. But that’s boring. I mean, who isn’t trying to just get by?

You think you’re boring, I say you’re either:
a) holding back sharing from a deeper, more authentic place and instead try to emulate a successful “reality”
b) have no idea how to pick out the bits and pieces of your life that are unique
c) all of the above

You see, I could view my life today as the average girl with ambition who’s trying to make things work out. But what makes me interesting isn’t about how “insta-worthy” my lifestyle is, crazy experiences, or material possessions. Making myself interesting is all about knowing how to dig deeper into my life story and find unique angles. It could be anything from a series of events leading to where I am today or even random anecdotes about being the “weird” kid in high school.

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questions to help you dig deeper

What makes people look surprised or raise an eyebrow when they really start to get to know you?

What are some pivotal life experiences you’ve been through?

What are you currently working through? Who’s involved? How does it make you feel?

If you absolutely had to label yourself (race, gender, sexual orientation, strong opinions, personality type, etc) what are some identities you could relate to? Do you have any stories related to these identities?

What are you willing to open up about that will bring a new element of trust and authenticity to you?

In a perfect world, how would you like people to describe how you make them feel?

What values are important to you and how can you emphasize them through your content?

Most people feel intimidated by opening up their true personality on social media. While I’m not trying to get anyone here to dish out all their personal details, having a few personal things about you that you’re okay with sharing are always helpful. People don’t always connect solely because of how successful you come off as. Sharing the hardships you’ve worked through helps breathe personality and relatability into your brand.

Apparently, talking about how I was living with a 50-something year old male roommate who thought periods are unholy was pretty interesting to people.

I used to be ashamed about the fact I lived with a roommate. But at work one day, I got asked about why I thought my roommate was crazy. Apparently, talking about how I was living with a 50-something year old male roommate who thought periods are unholy, ran a hair salon attached to my room, complained to my husband that I’m a bitch because I didn’t want to hook him up with a cousin, and even had a surgical dental procedure in the home’s hair salon was pretty interesting to people. You see, part of me was embarrassed to share and the other didn’t realize that my unfortunate living situation would be interesting to others.

So I say, you’re not boring. You’re already interesting but might be holding back, unsure how to even dig deeper.

Which question did you find the most thought-provoking? Comment below!