Realtors, Here's How You Can Use Facebook Groups & Your Profile Cover Art

Most realtors really underestimate social media. Read this so you’re not most realtors.

Yesterday, Olivia Lopez, my good friend and realtor for Trilogy® at Ocala Preserve – a luxury active adult community – was served several golden nuggets for her social content strategy. The power of Facebook groups was one of those.


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Olivia is a creative, ambitious, and innovative soul in the fast-paced world of real estate. Her content isn’t just about beautiful homes but also highlights who she is while enjoying the adventurous life of luxury her clients can expect when they become homeowners. But Facebook groups was still uncharted territory for her. Not to worry, she’s going to conquer that too with my help.

You see, the problem most people have on social media is the sales-first mentality. While social media can serve as additional platforms that generates addition revenue for your business, the approach is centered around 3 pillars (in my professional opinion): meaningful interactions, humanization of your brand, followed by becoming a resource first and then soft selling with a few hard pitches.

So how does Facebook groups fall into the equation as a realtor?

This example may be for realtors but this goes for anyone trying to up their reach online. When you’re on social media, it’s not about you. It’s about what you can do for others.

Facebook has millions of groups where your target audience lives ranging from local foodie groups to adrenaline junkies. Let’s be honest here, human beings are curious, often nosy, creatures. I certainly can recall ending up on the profile of a friend of a friend of a friend because I was bored and curious. When you go on Facebook groups, find the right group, and regularly give more than you take - people start to get intrigued. Especially now that you can get badge recognitions in some groups with titles such as “conversation starter”.

Ooooo la la!

So they’ll click on your profile. Then they go into full “stalking” mode to find out who is this ridiculously helpful person who knows all the good stuff?

Ok, they creep on me but so what?

What does your profile’s cover image design have on it? If they click on it, will it take them to other destinations you want them to find you at online?

See what I’m getting at?

Because people are nosy, they’ll end up finding out this amazing person who knows all the hot spots also is a local realtor. While most people might not be in the market for a home they eventually might be. And the 87th person who clicks and does happen to be interested in a home might just give you a call.

Maybe you think it’s stupid, all this work for that potential 87th person who clicks to actually call and maybe buy from you.

But at the end of the day, what you need to ask yourself is: are you trying to force some sales or are you trying to build a legacy for your brand that will pay off no matter what you do?