3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Set The Mood...of Your Content (You Perv lol)

With billions of posts circulating all over social platforms, it's inevitable to sometimes lose yourself. You begin to think that what you see is what you want and need to do.

Just because you feel everyone's content looks a certain way it doesn't mean that look works for you. If you want to stand out, your brand needs to be bold enough to understand & clearly convey what it looks, sounds and feels like.

Although it's great to know specifically what you like to recreate in your own style...you are NOT other brands. Yes, trends are useful but I don't believe in following them if they're out of alignment with your brand, values, and vision.

So light some candles

Turn on some Marvin Gaye

and let's get it on...

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If you had to slap 3 labels on yourself…

what would they be?

I hate being put in a box and you might hate it too. But you know that moment when you meet a stranger and get excited when you finally click on a certain topic? All of a sudden, the stranger begins to feel more relatable and a connection begins to bud.

Everyone has multiple identities they relate to whether it's their ethnic background, a cause they stand for, hobbies, interests, or even life experiences that have shaped them. Some examples of my identities include speaking up about my experiences surrounding mental health and being Latina. It doesn't matter if you're a personal or business brand, bringing in personality breathes life into your brand and builds deeper connections.

Episode 19 on my IGTV digs deeper into this to help you get started on building out your brand's personality.

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What values & emotions are important for you to convey?

I value saying the difficult things that need to be said to grow, a healthy dose of optimism, sharing stories of overcoming professional – and sometimes personal – hurdles, and I want people to feel free to be their weird, beautiful, confident, crazy awesome selves when we work together.

  1. How do you want to make people feel?

  2. What do you feel strongly about and want to be associated with your brand?

When you create without a purpose other than sell, sell, sell, then you've failed to grasp people's attention. This is especially true if you're just getting started and therefore are "nobody". If you want to be somebody on social media, lose the ego. It's not about you. It's about what you can do for others and making them feel what you do is a necessity through all the value you drive.

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What colors are associated with your surroundings & lifestyle?

Are you posting content and feeling like it's all a big mess? Maybe you like it at first and then hate it a week later.

Go for colors that you frequently come across in your environment or favorite clothing items. It'll save you time by avoiding color correcting when editing plus it'll make your photography & graphics coexist beautifully. Also, it doesn't hurt for you to google "color psychology" and see if the colors you choose support your brand. 

Pick a question and comment it below to start practicing expressing the personality of your brand. 3, 2, 1,...GO!