Overthinking Your Personal Brand For Instagram? Here’s a Simple Guide.

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💩It’s time to silence the bullshit thoughts…

Everybody wants to know where to start when it comes to their first post of their shiny brand new personal brand. Starting your page is placed on this super high pedestal. Thoughts race through your mind such as…

  • Is this picture good enough?

  • What should I talk about?

  • But I have nothing to talk about…

  • I’m not interesting enough

  • I shouldn’t do anything because I don’t know what my super specific niche is

  • I can’t afford a mentor

I could keep going but lets stop there and let me tell you, like a best friend would tell her bestie that this new dude she’s seeing is a total tool – you’re overthinking & overcomplicating it.

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There’s too much listening, too much caring about judgement, and too much of all of these things makes you freeze. So here’s my thoughts on how to work past the overthinking and do more to move forward without budget ever getting in your way.

🧐How We Overcomplicate Things

Creating a powerful personal brand is no easy task. Yet, interestingly enough, where most people get stuck is in the initially not-so-important details like having a logo, brand colors, website, exciting lifestyle, and all those other bells & whistles. By the way, a $5 logo from Fiverr is NOT the real deal. While great design is important, it should never be what holds you back from sharing the soul of your brand especially if you don’t have the financial means to invest in that yet. This should be your single most important focus always and how you express it will evolve as you grow.

Chances also are that you’re listening to multiple amazing people yet they have different approaches, neither of which are necessarily right or wrong. So you get emotionally stuck in a mental limbo of who’s right and then paralyzed in a state of inaction and fear of being ok with making mistakes.

We also can get so stuck in a vicious cycle of fearing peoples judgement and our own judgement. So we avoid showing our face on camera and letting people hear our voice. How do you expect to have a personal brand if your feed is everything BUT your face? You can’t expect anyone to trust & connect with you if you’re not showing up. You’re not supposed to sound or look like a pro from day 1, you’re just getting started! Let go of ego and embrace imperfect action. Anyone who tries to put you down is not your ideal client and if your own mind tries to stop you then call yourself out on it.

The ways you get in your own way are endless. So how do you overcome it? I prefer to focus on working through it. Perhaps because overthinking is always there for my anxious mind so I’ve personally had to learn how to block out my own noise.

Did you catch my IGTV video on this?

What You Need To Ask Yourself Now As a Personal Brand

The most beautiful thing, in my opinion, about personal brands is the amount of heart & soul you can see and feel unlike large corporate brands. Because of this, I urge all of my clients to do some soul searching through some self-discovery questions such as the ones I’m asking you below. Use these basic questions as a starting point for your personal brand’s direction. Don’t forget, you are your personal brand so just answer with your heart. Once you answer these questions, you can move on to actually posting on your page in the next section.

8 Questions For Heart-Centered Personal Brands

  1. What’s your life story? Are there any experiences that stand out that have shaped you?

  2. What kind of values do you embody in life that you want conveyed on your page?

  3. Why do you want to start your brand? Is there a particular reason or story behind why it’s important that you can share?

  4. What are you good at that you love doing?

  5. What would your friends and family say you’re great at?

  6. Describe yourself in 3 words

  7. How would your friends honestly describe you in 3 words? Do you like these words? Why or why not and if no which words do you want to be known by?

  8. Being as specific as you possibly can, what do you want people to know they can come to your page for now? You can always get more niche within your niche as you evolve!

🔮What You Should Do After Answering This

1. Document, don’t create.
The exception to this being those in a more artistic profession such as photographers or illustrators where their creations are actually part of documenting their brand. What does it mean to document instead of creating? This means to share who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re living instead of designing another quote graphic on Canva for the 50th post in a row.

2. Rewrite your bio copy.
Be ultra-clear about who you are and what you want to convey. The questions above this section were to help you put together your page initially and your bio copy. If you want a better idea of how to do this, watch my free #BioMakeover giveaway winners.

3. Run a shit ton of market research
Learn everything you possibly can about your target audience through running polls, interacting with their content, sending them DMs, joining Facebook groups, etc. Don’t skip this part or else you will always feel you are creating senselessly. Your personal brand is an authentic reflection of who you are but you should always creating with the purpose to serve others with they things that will speak to them. You will only know what they want by figuring out where your tribe hangs out online, seeing what they talk about, and discovering what they want.

4. Become besties with your IG biz profile analytics
Go turn your profile into a business account if you don’t already. You need to be able to view your page analytics to understand how people are responding to your page and even specific posts.

5. Make new friends daily
Make time every day to build new relationships and fortify existing ones. The good thing is this can blend nicely with #3 on market research as well as keeping your engagement high. By interacting with new content every day and having conversations with people not only do you learn about them and open the door for them to become a client but you also help boost the discoverability of your page often leading to better engagement if your content is good.

If You Ever Don’t Know What To Focus On, Do This👇

There’s always that time where you either have zero ideas or too many ideas. My solution for both is this – write down your ideas & important things you know you have to do to move closer to your goal. Did it? Great.

Now, I want you to look at everything laid out on your paper or document. Are there any big ideas or tasks that are related to smaller ideas therefore helping you essentially “kill two birds with one stone”? Next thing to ask yourself, is if that big task is really considered a priority from a business perspective because it can be easy to convince yourself to go for the fun tasks like making Instagram stories instead of running market research and analyzing the data. You can’t complain about not having clients if you’re constantly prioritizing having the most beautiful Instagram highlight cover designs over what actually helps your business run.

Always aim to block out the noise whether it’s judgement that tries to cloud your thinking or procrastination and focus on the one thing you can do now for a long term goal.

☝️But Never Forget Your One Most Important Thing…

You’ll find that it can feel near impossible to silence all the noise. So always remind yourself why you started and how you’re not here to attract everyone when it gets too “loud”. You can listen to all the gurus but if you never take action, all that information has no real value to you. Instead of wondering so much what’s right or wrong, whats good and whats better, focus on just doing, learning, and adapting.

Sometimes even the experts don’t always know what they are doing, they just do more than the average person dares to do.