The DGS Story Poll Formula™ to Sell With Instagram Stories

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You’ve posted that graphic you made on Canva announcing your product/service is available but nobody is biting. So you keep posting different graphics, maybe you even make some stories talking to people about everything that’s included.

Yet still…nada, nothing, zilch!

So you start to wonder what’s wrong with what you made and might even pull what you’re selling from your shop. But if you’ve done proper market research before creating your product/service, chances are the problem is not your offer but how you offer it.

Here’s what you need to know before we start

When you’re first positioning your offer…

  1. People don’t want to hear about all your qualifications and the overall “me talk”

  2. Giving them every single nitty gritty detail about what’s included is overwhelming

  3. You need to become a better storyteller providing value, value, value before plugging in your offer

  4. It’s all about conveying the main desire you’re helping people fulfill or a problem you help solve along with how they will feel

  5. You will be awkward at first if you’ve never done this but you need to experience it or else how do you expect to get better?


The DGS Story Poll Formula™

  1. Start with value-packed storytelling about something relatable that speaks to your audience and connects to your offer. Here, you want to show you understand where people are coming from and know the ins & outs of overcoming this situation or satisfying a certain desire they might have.
    ex: you’re a fitness coach for new moms trying to get the word out about your online program. So you start by talking about how you felt as a new mother trying to balance motherhood, being a wife, and making time for self-care.

  2. Add your poll sticker towards the end where people can vote on “yes, I’m ready”or “I have questions”.

  3. Reach out to every single person and I mean that, every single one. Use voice or a video when possible because this helps make the conversation much more intimate and powerful. Note that if you do send video, I suggest recording it beforehand for each person (say their name) instead of doing the disappearing video. Sometimes people are at work and can’t listen or save the video for later.

  4. Be prepared to give everyone some direction even if they were undecided. Some people will buy and other’s have questions. Take time to answer their questions and use this as an opportunity to run market research to understand any uncertainties potential customers have. Everyone you talk to should feel special because they are!

  5. Have a seamless on-boarding process for those who do buy. This is something that on its own is a whole other tutorial that I cover with my long-term #InstaBrandMakeover clients. Be ready with a way to take payment!

  6. The love doesn’t stop after they give you money, it only continues. If you don’t already have a CRM, at least have a document where you keep tabs on who you’ve worked with. Follow up with them to genuinely check up on how they’re doing since they got your product/service. Not only does this allow you to learn if there’s areas for improvement but it maintains a bond between you and the client as well as the opportunity to effortlessly invite them to try anything new you launch.

You might shrug it off and think that this just isn’t for you. I know what it’s like to feel intimidated to show up on camera but, believe me, you can overcome the anxiety and your future self will thank you for having done so.

When I first started my personal brand, I was deathly shy about showing up on video. But I did it anyway because practice makes perfect. I’m not going to lie to you and sugarcoat things as if we’re living in a fantasy world. Haters are out there and if you want to be a leader in your niche, you have to stop giving them power over your self-worth & confidence. Usually, people are scared of getting nasty judgement and hey it happens but let yourself be driven by the people who do admire you. Everything and everyone else is just noise. You have a goal and a message much too important to be squashed by someone with a toxic opinion.

Instagram stories are such a powerful medium to entertain, educate, and sell (in that order). People go on social media to be entertained or be informed about something specific. So first, your stories need to either entertain them or inform them on a level that speaks to their soul and then you can plug in your offer. At first, you might feel as if you’re giving too much but that’s normal. Establishing yourself as the go-to resource for your niche is no simple accomplishment and takes time, lots of it. This is something I go over often in my #InstaBrandMakeover where I work 1:1 with personal brands needing help with their page optimization + strategy, copywriting, and content creation.

I hope you find this helpful, I know you’ll get results from it as long as you keep trying and figuring out what kind of messaging works for you!

PS: Have you tried my formula and gotten results? Post a story, tag me, & I’ll re-share! I love showing my support to all of you.