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We help brands create better content than their competitors + keep more work in-house


We believe in the art of human connection, storytelling, & a seamless workflow


Bye, bye trendy meaningless graphics for the sake of looking pretty
Hello personality-rich online presence with badass voice, values, and visuals

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Hi, I’m Diana

Founder of DGS Studio, a social and creative studio helping brands consistently showcase their worth online without breaking a sweat.

We believe in constant testing, evolution, and adaption but as realists, we know that’s overwhelming for most brands. But we have your back so you don’t have to reach level 10,000 with your anxiety.

A human-centered experience is at our forefront. We aim to be the ultimate resource for our clients and teach them how to do the same for theirs. Ready to ditch the Microsoft Paint look and trade it in for better visual, less stress, and more time open in your calendar? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Word on the magical internet is…

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